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Senior Political Analyst, Featured Guest on The Purple Principle Podcast

Political Expert and Public Policy Consultant

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University of Texas at San Antonio  (UTSA)
Department of Political Science
San Antonio, TX





  • Over ten years of experience in faculty leadership, teaching, technical writing, and developing political science course curriculum at an accredited four-year university. 
  • Conducted annual performance reviews.
  • Served as chair of faculty grievance committee, chair of various hiring committees, chair of graduate catalog programming and graduate program director.
  • Experience with Learning Management Software (LMS) such as Top Hat, Connect and Blackboard. 
  • Experience working with Digital/eLearning teaching platforms to develop course content and learning objectives for higher education adult learning. 
  • Experience creating study guides and test banks for publishers.
  • Interuniversity Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR) database (interface and query software).
  • Invited public speaker.
  • Community and veteran volunteer services.
  • Avid cyclist

​​Sharon A. Navarro, Ph.D, Texas Political Expert


Her research interests focus on Latinos/as in American politics, women and politics, and race, gender, and public policy.  Dr. Navarro's publications include Latinas and the Politics of Urban Spaces (Routledge 2020), Race, Gender, Sexuality, and the Politics of the American Judiciary (Cambridge 2018), provides an in-depth look at the political trajectory of Asian, Black, Latina women, and LGBT justices.  She is co-editor of Latinas in American Politics (Lexington Press 2016), Latino Urban Agency (University of North Texas Press 2013), and Latino Americans and Political Participation (ABC-CLIO 2004).  She is also co-author of Politicas: Latina Public Officials in Texas (University of Texas at Austin 2008) and author of Latina Legislator: Leticia an De Putte and the Road to Leadership (University of Texas A&M Press 2008).  Additionally, she has published articles in various journals and encyclopedias.

Ph.D., University of Wisconsin-Madison                   Primary Field: American Politics

     Secondary Field: Comparative Politics

​M.A.,University of Wisconsin-Madison

​M.A.,with Honors, University of Texas-El Paso

​B.A., with Honors, University of Texas-El Paso

     Major: Political Science
     Minor: History